What is eDM?

Electronic Direct Mail

eDM is a communication channel that uses personalized emails to convey tailored content to targeted audiences at an affordable cost. eDM enables instant evaluation and authors of the emails can track the number of opens, bounced messages, click through and email responses. eDM is becoming popular in email marketing and has started to be utilized by other forms of online marketing.

Here is how eDM is changing the landscape of email marketing;

It brings the personal touch – eDM has the ability to create sales pieces that connect with your clients at a personal level.

Increased trust – eDM creates messages that can be trusted in this age of phishing and hacking. Multiple attachments, fancy templates, and convincing headlines build trusts in clients.

Inbox overload problem – Unlike traditional email marketing, eDM eliminates the notion of sending messages to clients without considering convenience. In the end, the client’s inbox is not clogged with too much campaign material.

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