How important is email marketing

1.Compelling and easily readable

The emails contained in an email campaign should be appealing to the customers and keep them interested. For instance, an email written in a conversational tone is easier to interpret than another one written in an official tone. If you have to add some images in the email campaigns as well, you can improve their appeal by adding some filters and other editing features.

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of the emails body copy and other related metrics is to assess your websites click-through rate. You realize your headline is working when you notice that people are opening their emails. If they are not clicking, it means that they have missed your sales targets.


2.The emails are relevant

You need to make the emails relevant to the people so that they click and open them. To know what each individual likes, you need to trail the clients as they engage with your website to get a clue on what they do and what they read. Based on the information collected, you can create tailor made emails that reflect the specific interest of customers.

Besides collecting that information from your own website, you can utilize the demographics from Google to obtain such information as user’s gender, probable age, and location and so on. This information can help you understand your clients more and tune your emails right into the boundaries of their interests.


3.Emails are sent at the correct time

This is the trickiest part in email marketing. There are varying recommendations on when is the appropriate time to convey your emails depending on the source you consult.

A lot of people don’t open their emails on weekends, which makes Saturdays and Sundays an excellent time to send promotional emails. Convenience is everything here. You can first experiment with few emails and then evaluate if the emails are opened often in mornings, afternoons or evenings. You can thereafter pinpoint the specific time.


4.They are compatible with mobile devices

People are using hand held devices to access the internet than desktop computers. Your website and the templates used to create your emails should be able to adjust to different screen sizes of mobile devices where they are opened. If your website and the templates are incompatible with mobile devices then a huge part of your clients, sometimes a third of them or more, won’t be able to see your campaigns. To fix this, you need to ensure that your website, text, images and the templates are created with mobile responsive capability.

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