What is eDM?

Electronic Direct Mail

eDM is a communication channel that uses personalized emails to convey tailored content to targeted audiences at an affordable cost. eDM enables instant evaluation and authors of the emails can track the number of opens, bounced messages, click through and email responses. eDM is becoming popular in email marketing and has started to be utilized by other forms of online marketing.

How important is email marketing

1.Compelling and easily readable

The emails contained in an email campaign should be appealing to the customers and keep them interested. For instance, an email written in a conversational tone is easier to interpret than another one written in an official tone. If you have to add some images in the email campaigns as well, you can improve their appeal by adding some filters and other editing features.

6 Qualities of an email campaign

1.It offers real time messaging

When compared to other marketing strategies such as telesales campaigns or print mailer, email marketing offers the fastest option in conveying your campaign messages. The time spent between campaigns planning and implementation is shorter.


2.Personalized messages

Other marketing strategies such as television and print tend to be general with their marketing campaigns. However, with email marketing, you can send particular messages to each client according to his/her preferences which you obtain by mining data on your website or from Google demographics among other sources.


3.Frequent communication

Another importance of email marketing is the fact that it offers the opportunity to communicate with your clients and potential customers more frequently compared with other forms marketing. For instance, you can decide to quickly send them an offer on weekly basis and offer a catalog or a flyer on a weekly or monthly basis.


4.Reduced overhead cost

The overhead cost of operating email marketing is amazingly low. You can stage a successful campaign without having to hire many employees, marketing analysts, and designers. To make it easier, there are many services that become handy when you have no idea how to make your marketing more effective. In such service is Comm100 email marketing which can host your email marketing campaigns and even add professionally designed templates.


5.A good email campaign has email messages with appropriate subject line

The headline is the first part your client interacts with before opening the email. The headline should make the person reading it get hooked up and read the rest of the email. To achieve this, a great headline can incorporate such things as compliments, promises, humor, surprising facts, among many other ideas.


6.The emails in the campaign are brief and concise

Reading long emails is boring to everyone and it can be even annoying when sent so often. People like to read short messages. Writing long emails can be detrimental to the success of your marketing campaigns and even your resources. A successful marketing campaign, therefore, partly relies on the length of your emails with shorter emails bringing more responses than longer ones. Avoid sending partially written emails that require clients to read remaining parts on the blog.