14 Tips For Using Email Marketing To Promote Affiliate Offers

Email is not just alive, it is also a direct channel for us to use as a consumer reference – it is actually a perfect tool especially for beginners affiliate marketing to promote their organization and make it bigger in just a short period of time.

Listed below are 14 tips on having a great email marketing to use on any affiliate offers and to make it a success:

1. Focus on your target market and not for yourself

Write an email as if you are sending it to one person only. It makes your emails more personalized and trusted at the same time.

2. Send a useful email

Writing an email randomly to your target market just shows how you really want to be read and noticed. Change this attitude as early as possible. You can try sharing ideas which are helpful for them in a much friendlier tone.

3. Personalize your email

Use your own name or brand to show who you really are and for people to know what you really do. It will make you more trustworthy.

4. Be their friend

Always remind people that they are not alone. That is what affiliates are for, right? Never forget to show them that you can really help.

5. Attract their attention

Of course, that’s all what we are aiming for. You can use emotional and catchy subject lines to make your email standout.

6. Feed their curiosity

Show off your writing skills to your readers to make them more intrigued with your email and read on. It’s a trick to encourage them as well.

7. Dare to be different

You don’t have to be the same to everyone else’s. Especially when you have something to show off.

8. Keep your emails short

Be on point as much as possible to deliver the right message to your target market right away. It would encourage them more to read on and be more interested with what you do.

9. Ask questions

Writing an email is just like having a face-to-face conversation with your reader.

10. Don’t be dull

In connection with keeping your emails short, you don’t have to write too long emails which causes your readers to be bored.

11. Go mobile

Optimize mobile as well since majority of email users nowadays are now making use of any kind of devices.

12. Show what they will miss

Consider showing off the benefits of what could happen when they acquire your brand.

13. Don’t invite when they’re ready

It would sound more like you are a spammer. Share useful information to them, instead.

14. Promise something good

Write in your email that you will make them more informed and even do better in business for them to be inspired to read more.

There are actually a lot more benefits that we can get from email if we really just know how to make use of them.

The Importance of Internet Marketing


Brand Building – The foremost goal as well as first factor to opt for an on the internet business and beginning an Internet Marketing project is to improve product understanding. As people all across the globe are searching or searching the internet what they require on internet either on Google or various other online search engine, customers might come across to your business name or logo design and also become interested in just what your company has to supply and end up being a prospective lead for you.

Revolution – Advertisements on Print, TV as well as radio advertisements still have their areas in the advertising and marketing sector, yet with technology growing, increasingly more customers have access to the internet. By beginning an Internet Marketing campaign, companies should keep up with this ever-changing modern technology.

Cost Efficient – Internet Marketing is just one of one of the most cost-effective methods of promotion. The reach is international and also very widely spread out. The prices linked for making a site, and afterwards promoting it in market, utilizing Social Media projects to set up an on the internet presence is marginal when compared with the prices of traditional froms of marketing.

Boosted Website Traffic – SOcial Media and other projects aid you to drive web traffic on your website which helps in wonderful brand name structure activity. Your web site has the tendency to drive traffic from throughout the world as well as location of improvision is substantial.

Boosted Leads and sales – With the enhanced visitor traffic on your site and by offering consumers with the option to purchase items on-line regardless of their place and also physically driving to a supplier or sending an order form by mail, assists you to obtain more sales as well as leads. This lead to higher earnings for businesses and an outstanding return on their investments (ROI).

24/7 accessibility – Your website stays online 1 Day a day as well as 365 days a year, therefore improving an opportunity to obtain additional customers round the clock. Using interactive methods such as real-time talk and also other choices, you should likewise persuade the visitors to transform them into your consumers.

Offer services as needed – These days wise websites have options to reveal the items as well as providing as per the targeted market areas. Web marketing strategies will usually aid you to promote certain offers in just the location you wish them to be marketed. This aids you offer several products in a number of locations respectively.

Integrity – It is very important to Maintain a trustworthy as well as solid online existence by means of Internet Marketing, this is a fantastic way to give consumers with every one of the possibilities they require 24 hrs a day. Timely services as well as reactions from your web site will certainly assist you to get even more trustworthiness among your site visitors.

The Email Marketing Process

Today, I’d like to share with you an infographic showing you the process of email marketing. There are 5 important processes that you should not miss as this will have a big impact to the success or failure of your email marketing campaign. To give you a brief idea of what the processes are, I will list it down below followed by the infographic which will show you extensively how it should be done.

1. Find ways to make them opt-in

2. Choose the right location

3. Know the purpose for your email list

4. Using the scientific approach

5. Do your homework


Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct type of marketing in which a commercial message is being sent to a group of people via email. In its most generalized sense, all emails sent to a current or potential customer can be considered as email marketing. The term email marketing is usually used to refer to:

1. Sending emails for the purpose of improving the relationship of a seller with its customers to motivate customer loyalty so that, in turn, their current or previous customers will do business with them again.

2. Sending emails for the purpose of gaining new customers and convincing them, including their current customers, to purchase something from them immediately.

3. Adding adverts to emails sent by other companies to their current, previous or potential customers.

There are different types of email marketing:

1. Transaction emails
Transactional emails are also sometimes referred to as relationship emails. This type of email is usually being triggered based on a customer’s action with the company. The main purpose in order to qualify the message as transactional email must be “to facilitate, complete, or confirm a commercial transactions that the recipient has previously agreed to enter into with the sender”, plus other narrow definitions of transactional messaging. Triggered transactional emails usually include dropped basket messages, email receipts, order status emails, order or purchase confirmation emails, password reset emails, and reorder emails.

The main purpose of transactional emails is to impart information about the action that triggered it. But since transactional email messages have a higher open rate (51.3%) compared to email newsletters (36.6%), people have realized its potential and started using it as an opportunity to attract customers. Merchants are now using it to introduce and extend the email relationship they have with their customers and subscribers, to answer questions and to cross-sell and up-sell products and services.

Because of these, many email newsletter software vendors are now offering transactional email support that gives companies the capability to include promotional messages in their transactional emails. There are also some software vendors that offer specialized transactional email marketing services such as providing personalized and targeted transactional emails and running very specific marketing campaigns.

2. Direct emails

Direct email or sometimes referred to as interruption based marketing usually involves sending of emails only to communicate a promotional message (e.g. brochure of products, announcement of new products or special offers). The companies usually gather a list of their customers or prospect email addresses to send direct promotional messages to and sometimes, they can also rent a list of email addresses from service companies, although safe mail marketing is also used.

I believe that email marketing is an effective way to increase your sales. It is also a good way to attract leads or potential customers, disseminate information about your company, your products and your services, and improve your customer’s loyalty and their overall relationship with your company. When done with the use of proper procedures and with the aid of today’s technology, I am sure that success in your business is inevitable.